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  • A pair of shoes, you can see your grades and taste!

    We all know that a person's grade is not online, first of all depends on her shoes. Girls half of the gas field is holding up the clothes, the other half is the credit of the shoes. If you wear a beautiful dress, but with a pair of pedal, just think about it ugly, so that girls do not ask for more shoes, but refinement! Following Xiaoming together to see these high-value and style of the shoes it! Pointed high heels to maximize the display of women's sexy and elegant temperament. Pointed to the legs can be infinite elongated lines, shallow mouth design exposed instep and ankle, coupled with elegant fine with, so when you walk every step of the swaying of health, sometimes as cat-like light, sometimes wind and fire out of the gas field. Summer beauty must have a pair of pure nude color of high heels, not only wild also obvious feet, but also can lengthen the legs lines, usually used to match dress or jeans, can wear clothing full style. And powder nude color is quite elegant intellectual under armour womens shoes color, more suitable for office workers to wear.

    Said how high heels can be a black tie high heels? It can not only give you a full charm of temperament, and black with the elements of the strap will be revealed in a mysterious, elusive feeling, more suitable for use with pleated skirt. High heels are particularly suitable for use with professional equipment, often go out of the office of the sister who wear perennial dress, inevitably sometimes feel tired, then may wish to prepare a few pairs of high heels to decorate your tedious dress! This pair of high heels heel bow and pearl design is a big bright spot, looks elegant to the extreme! High heels is very difficult to control the general, and its bold color design coupled with the straps and side buckle of the collision, it is full of design sense, and the red toe is very eye-catching, wearing such a pair of chic high heels out, do not believe there are people with You hit the shoes! Usually with jeans and the like will look better! Some shoes you do not try on the feet, it will never know it can give you what kind of wearing experience! Girls in addition to high heels, there are a wide variety of shoes can be used in different occasions to wear, then continue to follow Xiaoming together to explore it!

    Flat shoes as the most comfortable fashion footwear single product, but also a large ticket to the darling of people. Do you believe? Flat shoes if the election right, the gas field will not lose high heels! Choose to wear flat shoes is to give their feet a holiday, you are not afraid of sexy and elegant still under armour shoes with you! Feet relatively thin sister who is very suitable for this flat shoes, the side of the hollow design is very flavor, with the accessories on the toe as embellishment, looks cheap under armour more rich sense of design. Suitable for wearing a small suit pants to wear, it is suitable for office workers! You can also leisure business, can be described as a wild artifact ah! Want to enhance the gas field, red shoes have always been the best choice, whether it is high heels or flat shoes, you can wear a full gas field feeling. With a pair of jeans and white short-sleeved, in the back of a red bag, and instantly can be with a simple fashion Fan children to!

    2017-04-22 10:58:39
  • How to match the red high heels, small knowledge to share to go

    Wearing red shoes are very easy to be under armour shoes concerned about the bright and lively and straightforward, I think at first glance will be very easy to produce it. If it is a red sandals, black stockings and black skirts can be used, like the warm spots above the ride on the red clothes, want to keep the point to take a black shirt, a pair of red shoes can create two completely different effects, a warm and lively , One is calm in a little playful. Red high heels can also be used with white download, such as black, red and white color contrast is very good effect, both to show beautiful legs and not buried beautiful red shoes, but do not choose red pants and Red shoes with two similar colors will blur your focus with the focus is not highlighted with no effect.

    Red song with a little gold on the shoes is no matter how good, but with the red gold can also be with the black with, you can make the red is not so monotonous with a lot of it also become fine. In addition to black and white, red and some special colors can match, such as blue and green, if you choose a blue dress, you can use red high heels to match, color conflict can create a very good effect ; Or red and dark green, dark green with, although said red with green is tacky, but in the green plus a little red, or in the red with a little green, but will feel clever and finishing touch, imagine, never People said the roses with green leaves and timid and tacky it. Boldly try red for you to bring freshness and passion it, choose the right color, with a color level, out of the effect must be very good, everyone can be their own with experts on the red high heels with a variety of ways, Whether it is elegant fashion or sexy, need to choose according to each person's temperament with different temperament. First in the purchase of their own to give under armour womens shoes their own good, in the end is what kind of style, like what kind of their own temperament is how these are very important, we must not be ignored. Buy a and even double red high heels are a very easy thing, but the real mix up, but not so easy, maybe walk in the street to see someone else wearing a red high heels is under armour sale very beautiful, But when they buy back to wear, no matter how the match, always feel wrong, it is because they did not choose the real suit for their own shoes.

    For the red high heels with only selected for their own style, to be able to really come out, this is the most important thing, so we are in this match, do not blindly follow the trend to buy. Before buying, it is best to look at the first look at those models wearing a match with the effect, and then choose, this is the most important.

    2017-04-21 11:12:12
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