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  • High heels and flip flops, in the end which is more hurt?

    In addition to watermelon and beach, beauty and beauty skirt, there are two important synonyms in summer is high heels and flip flops. Flip flute and light, whether land or sea play are OK. But are they harm you know? In the end which is more hurt? Toes forced to squeeze forward, will be in an unnatural state, long-term will lead to pain toes. Feet do not consciously slide on the front, the foot pressure carrying the center of gravity forward and the formation of friction, easy to long corns and thick cocoon. The center of gravity will move forward, making the waist back, the waist and cervical spine will cause a certain degree of damage. The study found that the word drag need to tightly grip the slippers with the toes, so that the toes and arch parts of the Department of continuous tension, long-term will lead to tendon strain. Normal soles in the arch with arched support, which conforms to the form of the plantar. But under armour sale the word is not dragged, not suitable for daily walking. The flip flops are thinner, the cushioning ability is poor, the burden on the foot is relatively large, and easy to form "within the character." In general, the word is more dangerous than high heels. Some people may be wondering, Xiao Bian you are lying to me, people do not like the flip of course not! From the health point of view, the word drag "the most vulnerable, support the worst." There are studies found that heel more than 6 cm, will induce a variety of diseases, because it will allow the foot to bear excessive pressure. So, Xiaobian warm reminder, too high high heels and flip flops, sister paper who can not wear the best not to wear Oh ~

    Maybe some sister paper said, then I do not wear high heels! Do not rush to the conclusion, the above is said that high heels. The foot of the human body is not a plane, the arch to the body center of gravity, so heel height between 2 to 4 cm most suitable for bone structure. Uppers PU material, as well as soles of the rubber material, comfortable and unique style. The color is gentle and Western style, there are partial retro tone. The highlight of the upper is under armour sale a metal buckle, deliberately do the old rub color processing, very texture and sense of weight. Is the temperament of the gloss, the foot is very stunning. Ben with some random retro style, gentle and tender. In the rough with the proportion of the calf, the length of the overall length of the legs look good. Outside the throwing of the tired feet Oh, the daily walk shopping are properly.

    2017-07-27 11:03:17
  • Mary Jane shoes resurrection you snow a winter girl heart ~

    Now seems to be very popular wearing flat shoes, because wearing not only comfortable, but also very nice, in the flat shoes, the most fire will be the number of Mary Jane shoes, wearing comfortable, style is also very popular, the following small main to bring you This year is very popular Mary Jane shoes it, are the explosion of this year Oh! Retro word deduction Mary Jane shoes wearing a very comfortable, but also to meet the idea of ??high-heeled, retro color, super good match, in front of the word buckle style seems very sexy foot, very charming! This year's super-fire Mary Jane shoes, wearing comfortable, very popular, retro color is this year's very fire elements, British style of the wind, wearing a super handsome, with a pair of jeans can be beautiful! Mary Jane shoes color is very wild, but also very popular, it is suitable for this season to wear, buckle shoes, wearing a very convenient, very large comfortable, the material is also very good cleaning! Thick with the word buckle Mary Jane shoes, to meet the needs of high heels, while wearing and will not be particularly tired, a variety of colors, each color is a good choice, the word buckle section of the dead, look very sexy foot The Retro style this year is very popular, but also very wild, free with a skirt can be beautiful, or with a wide leg pants is a kind of feeling, this Mary Jane shoes wearing a very Western style and fashionable!

    One hand buckle with the shoes, wearing comfortable, still wild, the color is super sexy, in front of a word buckle style, appears to have a under armour outlet very feminine taste, the head of the toe wearing a little do not pick people The Retro British wind is very popular this year, super wild, is a lot of students favorite party, shallow mouth shoes, wearing a very sexy foot sexy, above with a skirt can be beautiful! Especially like the shoes above the pearl design, giving the impression that the front of the light, shallow mouth of the square shoes, do not pick people, do not pick clothes, is this year's explosion, like the cool and quickly start it! Shoes, leather is a particularly high-end leather cortex, wearing a little will not feel under armour shoes grinding feet, especially comfortable, in front of a word buckle design, wearing a sexy foot, a variety of colors, no matter what color is a good choice! Shallow mouth of the pearl shoes, wearing a very temperament, the above pearl design, there is a very grade, wearing a super-clear, giving the feeling of light, it is suitable for now wear this season!

    2017-07-26 11:41:57
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