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  • 2017 spring blue canvas shoes with blue canvas shoes with classic college style

    Blue canvas shoes with what method? Blue is the most pure color of the sky, so blue canvas shoes is also the best with a youthful vitality, but also the most suitable for students with college style wind style. College wind cowboy blue high canvas shoes, denim blue and white with, is the most pure fresh color. As if walking together through the student era, still remember that summer you are still silly ignorant, a pair of cowboy blue high canvas shoes, very college wind, so you distribute the whole body of youth and vitality, with denim shorts, exposing slender legs, Brisk pace, bright smile, light up your whole summer. Simple design of the blue lazy shoes, breaking the under armour womens shoes traditional canvas shoes style, this design closely follow the trend, wearing a comfortable and generous, quite European and American College wind, clean possession of blue, retro color, simple and pure feeling very suitable for School students wearing Oh, love to go college wind you must have such a pair of canvas shoes.

    Boys wearing blue canvas shoes is also a good choice. This blue canvas shoes partial color, with a little spring breath, simple shoelaces will not let the boys with too complicated cumbersome, the playground can still ride, you can lock the casual with their own. Blue canvas shoes with tips: student age you are necessary to have a pair of blue canvas shoes, highlight the youthful vitality of it must go. If you intend to recall the student age, then such a pair of blue canvas shoes is your good choice

    2017-03-25 13:37:56
  • Men's shoes wear method to make your overall with more type

    Men in the various details of the mix, men's shoes is undoubtedly an important part. Because there was a survey, women concerned about the first male eyes from the shoes look. Whether the shoes with a decent, often determines the woman for a man's first impression is good or bad. Therefore, the men in the dress with a certain must pay attention to whether their shoes wear, with a good.

    In under armour shoes fact, men do not wear shoes too nervous, as long as the following six strokes of men's shoes to wear methods and pay attention to points. Will be able to make your shoes do not go wrong, more self-confidence!

    1. shoes color with belt color

    This method with a very old though, but it is one of the way the classic undefeated. In addition to looking at the color of pants to match, with the color of the belt to choose the color of the shoes quasi-right, brown belt with brown or the same brown leather shoes no problem.

    2. see the occasion with socks

    We know that color socks in recent years, patterned socks are very popular, but advise you in business or formal occasions or do not wear. And when wearing a formal suit, please match the dark stockings, too short socks will make you up very bad, and white socks with dark trousers, will make you look turtle feet.

    3. do not grasp do not wear paint shoes

    Some people think that the shoes is to "bright" is the best light to Kam kind of, but if you are not to go to the red carpet, or to show to do the show, wear paint shoes will only make you flow , And not enough atmosphere.

    4. At least have Oxford leather shoes with Derby shoes

    Oxford heel Derby shoes are very basic formal shoes, and almost wild, casual shopping date, as long as the pants into twill trousers can, but if you are black shoes, then the first Consider do not match jeans

    5. Do not wear the same pair of shoes every day

    With the law is a lot of try to find the most suitable for your own Style, so no matter how good this pair of shoes, or in accordance with the type of clothing to choose the appropriate shoes. Or no matter how good the shoes, but also can not afford to wear it every day, will soon be depleted.

    6. Keep the feet clean

    Summer will inevitably have the opportunity to wear sandals at the moment, if your toenails have a lot of dirt, or the heel of dead skin with rhinoceros leather as thick and cracked, then wear sandals or characters drag on the people down the appetite , Who will be willing to have further contacts with you?

    2017-03-25 13:32:57
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